Issaquah, WA: Robert Hunziker, candidate for US Congress in Washington’s 8th district, has been endorsed by Demand Universal Healthcare! (DUH!). He received this endorsement due to his position on the issue of national improved Medicare for All, and unwavering commitment to publicly providing healthcare (not “access”) for everyone.

It is past time we treat healthcare as a human right and make sure all people are covered. Single-payer, universal healthcare will cost less than our current system while leaving nobody behind. Most other developed nations use this system, and experience better outcomes while spending a smaller portion of GDP on healthcare and decreasing the barrier of entry for new businesses, who no longer have to pay for healthcare. We too can reduce costs and improve care outcomes by passing Medicare for all.

These savings will allow us to add substantial mental health coverage, address the opioid crisis, prepare for the needs of an aging workforce, reduce the privatization of medical transport, and negotiate down the cost of prescription drugs. Robert advocates for pairing this new single-payer system with an infrastructure investment to make sure we have modern, resourced hospitals and family clinics in every community, especially rural and low-income areas.

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