I stand with Dreamers just as I stand with every immigrant family in America. The DACA program did not address the needs of undocumented childhood arrivals; these people deserve a clear, legal path to United States citizenship.
A wall will not solve our issues as over 40% of illegal immigration is from people who flew here legally and overstayed their visa. ICE is also not the solution and should be disbanded. As long as ICE is terrifying immigrant communities we are going to see a spike in crime as immigrants will be afraid to report criminal activity they see to the police for fear of deportation.
For those who are concerned about your job because you can’t compete with wages of an undocumented worker as they are desperate for what work they can – what if they were a citizen? It would than come down to who does it better as it would with any other citizen. Except you would have a leg up as a native english speaker. Obviously not everyone should be automatically given citizenship but in many cases it would make more sense.

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