Solar and wind power are growing in their use and efficiency. These are great long-term choices. They empower individuals to take back control over their energy needs and improve the air quality.

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  1. Ian James says:

    Robert, thank you for running for congress. I love your statement “It is time we have candidates that represent us and not large companies”. I very strongly agree with that!

    Climate Change is my top issue. I would like to know if you support a National Carbon Fee and Dividend?

    There are two such proposals currently receiving much positive attention. Citizens’ Climate Lobby has the best plan. Please see and for details. The Climate Leadership Council has a very similar plan, described here:

    Both these plans have received favorable endorsements and support from both the left and the right. They both correct the current pricing error of fossil fuels, helping free enterprise and market forces to move us towards clean, renewable energy.

    Will you work to put carbon pricing like this in place?

    • roberthunziker says:

      I think this is a great step in the right direction. It is all stick and no carrot and would hurt the poor quite a bit. I think in addition to this we should bring back programs that help the poor switch away from fossil fuels. Another issue is that simply replacing a working gasoline-powered car with a solar car has a nasty impact on the planet because of the CO2 used right now to build the new electric cars. We need to accelerate the switch of our energy sources first. There is no reason we can’t switch our power plants to renewables. Here is an interesting video We should also subsidize to help people switch to renewables. We also need to dramatically improve public transportation and make it more affordable to use. There are a lot of angles we need to attack this on. This isn’t even beginning to address the animal agriculture industry which is responsible for a lot of the greenhouse gases produced today. We still subsidize these industries that are killing us and that needs to stop.

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