To all my friends, staff, volunteers, and colleagues in resistance, I am deeply saddened to inform you I’ll be taking a long weekend off, despite the incredible urgency of our political moment.

My grandfather, who is in Phoenix, AZ, is moving into hospice care at his home as I speak. He doesn’t have long with us now, and I will be traveling to be with him February 2nd-7th. I have made and am still making arrangements with my closest staffers to keep everything running, and I will be available to answer e-mail at my convenience, but for obvious reasons I will be unavailable by telephone or for any meetings/events, and will not be able to respond as rapidly as all of you are used to.

How to stay in touch

Please feel free to reach out via Facebook; I cannot stress enough how prepared my staff are for this unfortunate turn of events. They’re scrambling to make sure this campaign doesn’t lose a puff of steam. I’ll be with you all in spirit, and I will see you all back on the ground, in the epicenter of our movement, very soon.

In solidarity,

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  1. Lou Stone says:

    Robert, thank you for taking care of your family, your Grampa.

    Please become a Justice Democrat, it should improve your People Powered Funding growth. FYI I reside in the WA 05 District, 90 mi north of Spokane, suffering with Cathy McMorris Rodgers, but hopefully she get defeated, finally. Sorry, I don’t have extra money to send, maybe later towards summer; I’m on SSA fixed budget.

    Best wishes.

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