Every family in America should have high-quality care for their children, regardless of income or location. Since Richard Nixon vetoed the 1971 Child Development Act, an early priority of the second-wave feminist movement, nearly no progress has been made on behalf of our nation’s families or childcare industry workers. As a result, American childcare is far more expensive than in the rest of the developed world, is inaccessible in many rural areas, and as an industry pays its workers far less than the average for comparable countries. Additionally, our childcare outcomes lag behind the rest of the developed world, especially those countries that have established public childcare systems.

Universal public childcare will immediately enfranchise millions of Americans; single parents will feel instant relief, rural families won’t have to leave their hometowns to have children, and childcare workers will be paid the living wage a professional in this vital public service deserves. The resulting boost to the lower end of our economy’s wage level, combined with increased workforce participation, will inject new energy into our economy while improving the standard of living for the entire country. We don’t just need jobs; we need healthy, family-friendly work culture.

This means every child, regardless of income, background, or geographical location, will have the high-quality care they need to thrive and move our nation forward. Our children deserve better than half-measures, and as your representative I will introduce a new Child Development Act on my first day in Congress. I cannot do this alone; we must come together, in uncountable number, to demand the society we deserve and elect representatives who can help to build it.

Let’s create a new chapter in our nation’s history. We must all pitch in to create a future with equity, opportunity, and enfranchisement for every single person in our country. Please contribute, volunteer, and/or otherwise support anyone willing to do the substantive work to lift up America’s children and working families. Together, we can achieve anything!

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For more information on how we can make universal childcare happen right now, check out the research!


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